We’ve teamed up with the Austin Humane Society to give dogs a second chance at life on the outside. All of the dogs featured in these video are available for adoption. Just click on their image in the video to get more info or start the adoption process for your new friend. Not quite ready to adopt? You can also click to donate to the Austin Humane Society.


We’d also like to encourage other Humane Society locations around the nation to make their own adoption video. We’ll show you what you need and how to do it below.


how it works



The real Orange is the New Black’s opening sequence relies on match cuts of eyes and mouths, with everything lined up perfectly. So, we knew we needed a large amount of dog portraits, particularly looking straight ahead at the camera. Our challenge was to get the same look with dogs, who don’t quite have the same attention span or willingness to sit still. We also wanted this video to be a template for others. So, we filmed it as if had no experience filming dogs. Which was easy, since we didn’t.


We decided on shooting with GoPro cameras, in video mode. The GoPro Black shoots in 4k at 12 frames per second, which means 12 pictures a second at a high enough resolution to use in this layout. It’s also sturdy enough to handle the occasional dog lick or paw swat.


After plenty of trial and error, we found that the best way to film the dogs was one at a time, outside of the shelter, with plenty of light. Interior kennel shots were both too dark and didn’t capture each dog’s personality. The most important thing for you to know? Treats are key. We used a lot of dog treats in the process — the stinkier, the better — and spent about five minutes with each dog, getting close up shots of eyes, mouths and torsos when possible.


There was a dog named Red!


After we had plenty of footage, we began our photo and video editing with Adobe Creative Cloud. We created a template, matching the shots from the real OITNB opening sequence and replacing them with close-ups of the dogs and other environmental shots where needed. We also matched the pacing of shots from the original, resulting in about 70 shots being used. We also recommend using a shot of your Humane Society in the video you create and making as many shots as possible links to the actual dogs available for adoption.


Ready to get started on your own video? You can access our templates here.




Created By Erik and Kathy Horn - Thanks to Orange is the New Black and Netflix for hopefully not getting mad at us.

We chose to post our video on YouTube due to ease of use and the ability to link back to the dog’s adoption pages through YouTube Annotations. Once you’re ready to post your video, you just need to create a YouTube account and then a channel for your Humane Society if you don’t already have one, which is free and simple to do following the instructions on the YouTube site. You can upload your file by hitting Upload and then dragging your video file onto the page.  Here is a handy guide for using Annotations to make each dog a live link